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I am the navigator that guides the way, showing you the many meaningful options and choices that are available to you to create wellness along your life journey. Some of my background, life experiences, training, and qualities are described below:

Family oriented…. I share the gems I have gathered while raising three sons with different physical and educational challenges; through relationships with my parents, siblings, extended family, and intimate partners; and from a lifelong interest in family systems and patterns as the genealogist of my family for 49 years.

Social Artist….I’m a global citizen that offers new paradigms, models, and techniques for healing individuals, families, and societies. I encourage human development so that you can be all that you are meant to be.


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Adventurous, filled with high energy, open minded, understanding, and culturally aware…. I thrive on diversity and inclusivity and enjoy sharing with others the insight and meaning I have gathered from travel to 67 countries and 7 continents. I love exploring the world through new perspectives and body focused experiences.

I love the global village….I have been honoured to guide clients born in Argentina, Australia, Bosnia, Brazil, Canada (both English and French speaking, First Nation and Métis), England, Eritrea, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Liberia, New Zealand, Romania, Russia (USSR), Scotland, Serbia, Spain, the United States, and Yugoslavia (before independence), and wonderful family systems with parents and grandparents born in all of these nations as well as Africa (slavery), Belarus, Bulgaria, Chile, China, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, Dominica, Holland, Ireland, Israel, Iraq, Italy, Latvia, Lebanon, Lithuania, Moldova, the Netherlands, Norway, Pakistan, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Prussia, Romani/Roma, Scandinavia (unknown origins), Slovakia, South Africa, South American (Indigenous), Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, the United States (Native American), Wales, and many homelands unknown. Where religions have stood out as significant in family systems they have included: Anglican, Baptist, Buddhist, Eastern Orthodox, Evangelical, French Huguenot, Hindu, Indigenous Spirituality, Jehovah’s Witness, Jewish, Mennonite, Methodist, Moravian, Mormon, Muslim, German Palatines, Pentecostal, Presbyterian, Protestant (other), Quakers, Roman Catholic, and United/Uniting Churches.

Peacebuilder…. Kind, caring, compassionate, and community minded: I bring the life lessons acquired through years of social, cultural, and political activism and advocacy as a community volunteer serving others. This extensive background heightened my leadership skills, intuition, and self-awareness. I am a bridge between individuals, families, and cultures in conflict, such as the indigenous and non-indigenous peoples of Canada.

Committed and passionate…. I offer all that I have integrated from extensive training in Systemic Constellations, Body Focused Therapy, Acutonics Sound & Vibrational Healing, Neuro Linguistic Programming, LifeLine Technique, Reiki, and Chakra Healing with local and international instructors Bert Hellinger, Francesca Mason Boring, Mark Wolynn, Shannon Zaychuk, Wendy McCrae, Albrecht Mahr, Hunter Beaumont, Franz Ruppert, Sneh Victoria Schnabel, Stephan Hausner, Vivian Broughton, Jan Jacob Stam, Bertold Ulsamer, Ursula Franke, Judith Hemming, Christine Blumenstein-Essen, Dan Booth Cohen, Guni Baxa, Jane Peterson, Lap Fung Cheng, Constanze Lang, Bill Mannle, Rosina Wellmann, Maryjane Kapteyn, Darren Weissman, AJ Robertson, Sally Devereaux, John Cheney, Matthew James and Michele Gervais.

Lifelong learner and educator…. I love a mystery and I love a niche that yearns to be met.  I offer my insatiable curiosity for knowledge.  I am a Candidate in the interdisciplinary applied Doctor of Social Sciences program at Royal Roads University in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.  My area of research is addressing transgenerational trauma to create inner peace, a prerequisite for healthy, balanced peacebuilding in the world. For years I have exchanged ideas with groups of people from many walks of live through presentations and dialogue. I have many years of academic study and research covering a wide range of interests: MA in Conflict Analysis and Management focusing on Political, Ethnic, and Security Issues from Royal Roads University, BA(Hon) in Eastern & Western Religions & Spiritual Practices, Ritual, Death & Dying, and the Nature of Religions from the University of Calgary, BComm in business from the University of Calgary, and retired from service as a CMA. I enjoy numbers, music, archetypes of the soul, and cosmology…

A spiritually centred, energetically balanced, nature lover…. I challenge myself by questioning my belief system every day. I live authentically within the environment that surrounds me and feel a deep connection to the sacred land where I live. The messages found in the natural world can be some of the most profound. I have studied numerous spiritual practices and finally went within to find the inner strength and wellness that guides my work with clients and workshop participants. After committing years to my own wellness, I believe that those who serve others are more effective when they are unwounded healers, artists, warriors, scholars, sages, priests or kings.

Author…. Connect With Your Ancestors: Transforming the Transgenerational Trauma of Your Family Tree (Series Book 1) & Let Your Tears Flow: Transforming the Transgenerational Trauma of Your Family Tree (Series Book 2), available as eBook or in print at Amazon.

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