Systemic Family Constellations

What is a Systemic Family Constellation?

A Constellation is a three-dimensional visual and experiential approach to your issues and concerns. Your issue is mapped out before your eyes.  Different aspects of your issue are represented by other people in a group workshop setting or by objects or markers during one-to-one private sessions with a facilitator.

Systemic Family Constellations

  • Offer you the opportunity to enjoy a happier, healthier, more peaceful, and fulfilling life
  • Provide a fresh approach and perception of your family system
  • Pinpoint where in the family system there are unresolved emotional traumas
  • Reveal where in the family system unhealthy relationships need to be shifted into healthy relationships
  • Show how and where family relationships are out of balance
  • Bring awareness of unconscious family loyalties and hidden dynamics that contribute to strained relationships, physical symptoms, chronic conditions, illness, depression, anxiety, fears, financial difficulties, and many other life challenges
  • Reveal repetitive patterns that are not in your best interests
  • Offer the opportunity for immediate, life changing insight
  • Provide the client a view of their life challenges as part of a greater whole
  • Open pathways that allow the blocked flow of love to flow freely

The Origins of Family Constellations

Family Constellations was developed by Bert Hellinger  of Germany, one of the most widely respected psychotherapists in the world today.  Family Constellations is a rich therapy created from an array of psychotherapy approaches including gestalt therapy, behaviour therapy, hypnotherapy, and variations of systemic therapy.  Hellinger created a revolutionary shift in the field of family therapy by illuminating unconscious hidden aspects of family systems that harm family members living today.  His work embraced the trauma of whole family systems rather than narrowly examining the current life of the client.  Each one of us is the product of a family system and our wellness is directly related to the wellness of our family system.  The impact of a Constellation can be immediate and life changing.  As a therapeutic approach, Family Constellations is rapidly spreading to all regions of the world.

During his early adult career, Hellinger lived amongst the Zulu in Africa and learned from them the importance of healthy transgenerational relationships in families.  Everyone has a right to belong in the family system regardless of what they do or don’t do.  Everyone has a right to belong whether they are alive today or deceased.

Following years of training, he worked for half a century with family systems and individual family members that experienced feelings of isolation and worthlessness, anger, addictive behaviours, anxiety, grief, and many other life challenges, and found that illness was how some individuals belong to their family system.  Unconsciously, children will offer to carry the unresolved pain and suffering of their parents out of love and loyalty to the greater family system.  These energetic entanglements are carried into adulthood and they leave you feeling stuck, unhealthy, or struggling with difficult relationships.  Family Constellations have the power to shift or transform generations of unhappiness, suffering, and unresolved emotional trauma in a family system.

Each Constellation Facilitator brings their own background and life experiences to their Systemic Family Constellations therapeutic approach.

Body Focused Constellations

Body Focused Constellations greatly enhance your experience of Systemic Family Constellations.  They are a non-invasive somatic (body) felt sense of the insight gained in a Constellation.  It integrates the body, mind, emotions, and spirit and it creates the space for facilitators and clients to go deeper in their work together in a shorter period of time.  Emotional pain or trauma begins in the body and it is resolved in the body.  Body Focused Constellations are integrated more deeply and the results are longer lasting.  Clients are exposed to experiential practices that help to break through old repetitive emotional response patterns.  Through breath work and other techniques, the client is awakened to a state of wellbeing in the body and  learns how to maintain this sense of wellbeing even in situations of stress or high anxiety.  The client also learns how to maintain healthy boundaries in relationships and develops a strong connection to their sense of self.  Body Focused Constellations create a transformative shift of consciousness at the inner core of the client.

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