Past and Current Client Testimonials

“I am truly grateful for you and the beautiful and profound work you do.”

… Carol, Calgary AB

“Wanted to tell you that I’m so enjoying your writing and while reading your blogs it is filling in many learning gaps for me in Constellations work.  How well your writing is structured Patricia.  Such a gift.”

…Sailaja, India

“My all-day session with Patricia was a true revelation and will most certainly have lasting positive repercussions throughout my family presently and in the future. I am humbled by the work that she does to resolve family-based issues that span over many generations. There is no other way to do this work other than jump right in with Family Constellations. To have worked with Patricia who has the advanced education, skills, and above all, intuition to safely lead into core issues and out again on the other side, which is healing, is a grand privilege. I cannot recommend her work highly enough. Thank you.”

…Karen, Calgary AB

“Wanted to thank you for what you continue doing on your blog.  Many things you write are a confirmation of things I sensed and felt true but were never discussed out in the open.  Truly feel a relief to know that you are on this Earth, doing what you are doing.”

…Maristela, Florida USA

“I wanted to tell you that thanks to you (thanks a million) it was my first visit to my parents back home that I did not get stressed out to the point that I would cry.  Thanks to you I understand my parents so much better.  I got along with them so much easier.  Before I would be happy to be in Europe visiting, but I couldn’t wait to return home.  This time I could have stayed even longer than a month.  I’m fortunate to have worked with you.”

…Terri, Port Coquitlam BC

“I find a certain peace reading your blog and just want to say thank you.”

…Carol, Saudi Arabia

“You have incredible passion and create extraordinary insight with your work.  In one session, we reached the core of a huge issue I have been working on for years.  No other therapeutic work had ever made such rapid and deep progress.  You are highly skilled, knowledgeable, professional and intuitive; it is a pleasure to work with you.  Your talent is beyond measure and you are one of a kind in your field. You are a true healer, teacher and student. Thank you for your grace and wisdom.  I look forward to growing and to many more wonderful journeys with you.“

…Gina, Calgary, AB

“Two years ago you worked with me and since your treatment I feel much-much better. My basic problem was between my mother and me and our relationship was not “ideal.” She died a long time ago, but I couldn’t think about her with a clean heart. This feeling was very bad and I couldn’t erase my dark thoughts. I spent only an hour or two with you and you changed my life. Now I can think about my mother with love and I understand her better than before. Now I know why she did what she did. I always wanted to thank you for helping me but my English is not good enough to write a nice letter. Once I wrote a long Hungarian letter and asked somebody to translate it for me, but she lost the letter. Now, the language doesn’t matter. I think about you all the time with gratitude. You led me to the right path and changed my quality of life. Thank you so much.”

…Viktoria, Hungary

“You helped me get a better understanding of my children, which was a huge relationship issue for me.  I have let go of the guilt that I didn’t do enough for them.  You also helped me find peace with my unborn children.  Whenever I work with you I find out something new about myself and my issues. Thank you so much for your work with me.”

…Terri, Vancouver BC

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