Patricia’s Books

“It is delightful to see in Patricia’s work all her wisdom and knowledge; and how it can enable a profound transformation and healing in every human being.”

-Carolina, Alberta, Canada

“Patricia has genuine quality and intuitive instinct, with organized thoughts that build from origin to conception. It is a learning process. The writer is learning along with the reader, sharing the intuitive thought process. I feel writers have had to experience their subject to be able to impart a learning experience. Patricia has crystal clear expression in her words. I will continue to enjoy reading and learning from her work.”

-Emisha, British Columbia, Canada

“Patricia takes us on a quantum leap towards the immemorial pilgrimage of “know the truth and the truth will set you free” with her most uncanny, scholar of the human soul ailments’ ability to shed light into the most recondite and unexamined corners of our internal life. She endows the pilgrimage with lightness, love and non-judgmental ease.  From that seeing we emerge brighter, wider, stronger, blessed.”

-Maristela, Florida, USA

“Patricia has helped me find my inner peace and balance. My life has been complicated by leaving my homeland because of war. I had to leave everything that was familiar and dear to me and all my loved ones behind including my parents, relatives and friends. My sons struggled with this journey. Patricia helped me let go of the guilt I felt inside about my kids. Sometimes I wake up still carrying that guilt and I reach out to the work of Patricia. It makes me realize that I did the best I could and I still do the best that I can. At the end of the day that’s all you can do – your best.”

-Terri, British Columbia, Canada

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