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We can interpret the messages of the body - the answers don't have to remain a mystery. Uluru, Australia, 2005.

We can interpret the messages of your body – it doesn’t have to remain a mystery.

Transform Your World

Are you feeling ready to change something about your life?  Do you have issues that keep you from fully enjoying life?  Do you have unresolved transgenerational trauma to address? Are you searching for answers when the medical world doesn’t have one? Are you having difficulties keeping up with the needs of your children or aging parents?  Are you assisting students, clients, or patients and want to keep from burning out?

… then it’s time to Transform Your World

                                                                                   with Patricia at Peaceful Possibilities!



Invest in Your Own Wellbeing….

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In-Depth Introductory Session: 2  1/2 hours/$250.00 (Cdn)

Follow-up Sessions: 90 minutes/$150.00 (Cdn)


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Services Available

Body Focused Systemic Constellations


Before your eyes, Body Focused Systemic Constellations create a representation of your physical, mental health, emotional, spiritual, relationship, financial, organizational, or nature focused issues, conditions, or symptoms using representatives or markers.  Find out what is holding you back from fully enjoying life.

You will learn the importance of energy boundaries and get to know how your character style may be sabotaging your relationships.  Find out if you are carrying any burdens for others in your family system and how to let them go.  Discover whether you are energetically entangled with your parents, grandparents, or other ancestors in a way that does not serve you well.  Find out how the impact of immigration, even if it occurred decades or centuries ago, may be held in the cells of your body.

We seek to reveal the underlying energetic causes that maintain, support, or contribute to any issue or condition.   We tap into any unresolved childhood and ancestral emotional trauma that may be impacting your wellbeing or that of your family members today.  These old emotional response patterns are stored in the cells of the body and shifting these patterns has to occur in the body.

We explore a series of questions to tap into your family’s unresolved emotional response patterning that was learned early in life.  We explore the unconscious language of your body and reveal your deepest fears that impact your life today.  Along with constellations, a genosociogram of your family’s emotional patterning will be created.

To be most effective, the first session is usually about 2 1/2 hours long.

For further details about Systemic Family Constellations click here.

Sound & Vibrational Therapy

Are you feeling stressed or out of balance?  Perhaps you would like to open or improve the flow of energy in your body or energy field.  If you are experiencing pain there may be a blocked flow of energy.  Enjoy a sense of wellbeing through Acutonics Sound and Vibration which is frequently described as needleless acupuncture.  I integrate the vibration of tuning forks, drums, bells, rattles, chimes, and singing bowls.

Acutonics Sessions are 30 minutes/$50, 60 minutes/$75, or 90 minutes/$100

   (All sessions can be customized to your needs)

For further details about Acutonics Sound Therapy click here.

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