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Are you willing to experience body focused Systemic Constellations to track your family’s unresolved emotional trauma and wounds?  Are you feeling ready to move forward to change something about your life? 
If the answer is YES to these questions, then you have taken the first big step towards Transforming Your World.
Whether you are seeking to track your Ancestral Emotional Inheritance, your Transgenerational Trauma, or seeking to heal in any way, the second step is to book a Private Session with Patricia, available in-person or on Skype. 
If you wish to book an appointment, please complete the form below giving a brief description of your concern. You will be contacted in response within one business day. If you have a general inquiry, please use my contact form.

Disclaimer: Patricia K. Robertson is not a registered psychologist, psychotherapist, or medical practitioner. Systemic Constellations are a process for expanding understanding and awareness. They are not a diagnostic or treatment method for any psychological or medical condition or disorder. Please consult a registered professional if you require such services.

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